[Ambulant-users] linux plugin not recognized

Kees Blom Kees.Blom at cwi.nl
Wed Jul 1 15:49:13 CEST 2009

Hi Federico,

after our previous emails I've put together another test version of
AmbulantPlayer as a plugin for Firefox in:

Could you please give it a try ?

Please note:

- it is based on the development version 2.1 of AmbulantPlayer,
  not on the latest released version.
- it is based on a later version of the Mozilla plugin API, therefore
  no more npambulant.xpt file
- linkage has been done manually, it is currently not possible to
  build this version of npambualnt directly from source,
  using conventional configure;make;make install steps.
  Everything has been documented and filed, though.


Kees Blom.

Federico Bruni wrote:
> Kees Blom wrote:
>> Hi Federico,
>> I have no idea. It has worked in $HOME/mozilla/plugins on Fedora 8/10.
>> I never saw nspluginwrapper work with plugins installed there.
>> I've no experience with Ubuntu, but don't see why it would not work 
>> there.
>> You could check if the files are readable  and executable.
>> One last thing to try: in Firefox File->Open Location, type: 
>> about:plugins.
>> npambulant should be listed when the plugin is installed.
> Hi Kees,
> thanks for your answer.
> With regard to permissions, npambulant.so is set to 755 and 
> npambulant.xpt *was* set to 644. Now it's 755 as well.
> But still, it does not work
> about:plugins does not list Ambulant
> Maybe a issue with Firefox 3.0.x? Which version of Firefox did you use 
> for testing?
> Anyway, I'll try to ask for help in the Ubuntu community..
> Regards,
> Federico
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