[Ambulant-users] linux plugin not recognized

Kees Blom Kees.Blom at cwi.nl
Mon Jul 20 16:44:25 CEST 2009

Hello Federico,

As you suggested, I've created a version of the 2.0.2 release of 
plugin for Firefox on Sourceforge:

Since this version contains exactly the same source code as the released 
it may be more stable than the version I gave you to try out, which was 
based on
the developers version of the source code.

The problem was, that the previous downloadable plugin did not contain 
all code
that AmbulantPlayer needs, so that it would only work when the base 
version of
AmbulantPlayer was already installed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kees Blom.

Federico Bruni wrote:
> Kees Blom wrote:
>> Hello Federico,
>> thank you for this update.
>> Slowness with npambulant plugin can have multiple causes: slow 
>> network, slow servers, no caching, etc.
>> Also, player was developed first. Plugins are a fairly recent 
>> addition, so there's less experience with it
>> in real life.
>> It is possible, that when you build and install Ambulant player, 
>> npambulant plugin works faster.
>> If so, this could suggest that DTD caching with npambulant does not 
>> work, probably because
>> npambulant does not know were to store (and clean) this cache.
>> Please let us know.
> I haven't built and installed the Ambulant player yet. But I have an 
> interesting news.
> I've tested the plugin on a laptop which has better hardware than the 
>  PC I used in my first try. (a better processor and 2GB of RAM instead 
> of 512MB)
> Now I can see all the demos without any problem: non slowness, no 
> delay,..
> So I think it's likely to be an hardware issue.. I mean, I have Ubuntu 
> Jaunty on both computers, I use the same version of Firefox,...
> Unfortunately, I can't provide more information as this PC is far away 
> from me at the moment (it's at my parents' home, and I live abroad).
> Anyway, I hope this information can help you to understand the issue...
> Are you going to upload this version of the plugin on Sourceforge?
> I ask this because I'd be glad to provide a link to a working version 
> of the plugin for Linux to friends and forums that may be interested.
> I think it's quite stable. I had a couple of crashes of Firefox, but 
> just after viewing several SMIL demos. Also, the crashes happen not 
> while the smil is playing, but when I go back to the previous page or 
> I change page.
> Best regards,
> Federico
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