[Ambulant-users] state values carried over when replayed on Ambulant 2.2 and Ambulant-2.3.20111104-win32xp.exe on wine/win PCLinuxOS 2011

jose at multimedia4everyone.com jose at multimedia4everyone.com
Sat Nov 12 22:24:45 CET 2011


I put together a customize audio presentation which consist of:

initial state values:

data xmlns=""

setvalue for new values:

setvalue xml:id="setvalue_g1"
ref="guitar_on" value="0" /

Then the right audio region with the correct soundLevel selected to play
with expr="true and true":

audio xml:id="audio_guitar-100" begin="text-play.activateEvent"
expr="guitar_sound = 100 and guitar_on = 1"
src="media/the-lessness-song-Jazz-guitar_2.mp3" /


Everything plays fine except when the presentation is played again. The
previous state values are used. I don't think that's suppose to happen.
If I play the presentation with drums on, then after it stops and I play
it again, without adding drums. The drums audio plays even thought it
was not selected.

In other words Ambulant is not clearing the state values.

I hope I explained that well enough.
Keep up the good work on SMIL.
The world evolving to SMIL multimedia takes time :)

Jose Ramirez

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