[Ambulant-users] Core dumps on Fedora 12

andy m andy19191 at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 25 03:11:08 CEST 2010

I have built from sources without any compilation errors although the
patch file for expat generated an error with the autotools config
scripts and so I added a .pc file with what looked correct to me for
the system expat library. It seemed to then find expat and build
without complaint.

When I run Ambulent_gtk and point it at Welcome.smil I see the text
but no sound and get a couple of popups with the error messages:

cannot open audio file

Cannot open, no compatible parser

I have spent quite a while installing various sound related
development packages (sdl_sound, pulse, gstreamer, alsa, lame,...) in
an attempt to find something that will provide sound but without
success. What does it want?

When I point it at the NYC demo I see some text followed by some
pictures and then in the console:

(AmbulantPlayer_gtk:25563): Pango-WARNING **: shaping failure, expect
ugly output. shape-engine='BasicEngineFc', font='DejaVu Sans 10',
Cannot open, no compatible parser'
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

and in /var/log/messages:

Jul 25 03:06:28 localhost kernel: AmbulantPlayer_[25563]: segfault at
7e3e446 ip 00465c26 sp bfad75c0 error 7 in
Jul 25 03:06:28 localhost kernel: AmbulantPlayer_[25599]: segfault at
662d7369 ip 00464507 sp b4815fe0 error 4 in


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